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Covering North Central Illinois

We provide the best of the best

When it comes to creating and maintaining the roads that Illinois citizens use every day, Advanced Asphalt has you covered.
Our team brings expertise for all phases of the project (except for structural and building services), including:

  • Project planning and management;
  • Dirt work and grading to prepare the site;
  • Concrete work;
  • Paving, including environmentally sound warm mix and thin overlay and micro-mix applications;
  • Underground work;
  • And more!

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We have multiple aggregate mining and processing plants around northern Illinois, allowing us to access the right mix of materials for every project, no matter the size or location.  Learn more.

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Years Established

Completed Projects

Advanced Asphalt Company has provided heavy highway construction services for over 50 years in north central Illinois.

Located in Princeton, Illinois, with asphalt plants and offices all over the region, our family-owned business provides road construction services that allow State, Federal and Municipal governments to keep the roads their citizens travel on safe and in the best condition possible.

We’ve been doing this work for decades and are experts in every facet of paving projects. We’ve covered 8,000 square miles or northern Illinois with quality pavement, and consistently educate our staff and management on the latest technologies. These include GPS and drone-assisted management, as well as green/environmentally-friendly options, so that we can bring the benefit of the best paving processes to our customers and their projects.

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Main Office

Box 234, W. Railroad Avenue, Princeton, IL
Phone: 815-872-9911