Our Locations

Advanced Asphalts has hot mix asphalt plants in 3 locations (plus one portable plant).

We are able to supply projects all over north-central Illinois and beyond from these convenient locations. Each of our plants has a quality control lab to ensure that we are utilizing the finest aggregate in all of our projects.

Hennepin Asphalt Plant

13559 Prairie Industrial Parkway
Hennepin, Illinois 61327
Phone: 815-872-9911

Hennepin Quality Control Laboratory

Contact: Christine Stroud
Cell Phone: 815-866-7060
Hennepin is located on the Illinois River, and has barge load-out facilities for easy transport to construction sites.

Peoria Asphalt Plant

5 Sanger Street
Peoria, Illinois 61602
Phone: 815-872-9911

Peoria Quality Control Laboratory

Contact: Jeff Bystry
Phone: 309-680-8140

Utica Asphalt Plant

2973 E 8th Road
Utica, Illinois 61373
Phone: 815-872-9911

Utica Quality Control Laboratory

Contact: Troy Woodley
Phone: 815-866-7254